Enter the world of Pea-Guy, the planet Peatoria, recently conquered by his arch-nemesis Kan. Kan, however, does not rule the planet himself but rather has divided rule amongst 12 "Nasty Lords". Now Pea-Guy and his friends must go on adventure to defeat them, one by one.

The Pea-Guy series of games combines a variety of game styles (action, puzzle, adventure, etc.), often several in the same game, with a humorous atmosphere and continuing storyline. Each Pea-Guy CD contains several adventures to play through. This website contains demos (shareware versions) so you can try each game for free.

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Vengeance or Bust

In Vengeance or Bust Uncle Patches has been kidnapped and Pea-Guy must track down the Nasty Lords to their own castles in order to rescue his uncle! This CD features 3 Pea-Guy adventures, Ultimeneinasenshun, The Escape from Castle Ernie and Arena.

A-Sock-Ellipse Now!

A-Sock-Ellipse Now! is the latest Pea-Guy adventure, the result of a year-long contest. Pea-Guy takes on new Nasty Lords and helps his friend, The Mortuator, find his long lost brother Kodoe. This CD features 3 Pea-Guy adventures, The Magic Land, The Secret of Coolness and Defeating Dr. Robotica.

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Before there was Pea-Guy, he was called Pac-Guy. Experience the classical and slightly psychedelic style of gameplay. You can find all of Pac-Guy's adventures right here.

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Pacula's Curse

Pacula's Curse is Pac-Guy's greatest adventure. In it he returns to his homeland to find it ruled by a being known as Pacula. Now Pac-Guy must cross the wasteland, brave ancient runes and enter Pacula's castle in order to defeat the ancient "Vampacmire".

Pac Pack 10 Complete Games

Pac Pack is collection of all of Pac-Guy's early adventures. Pac-Guy faces everything from elves to alligators as he tries to defeat Kan, save the children and finally to return home after Kan sends him to another planet. This CD contains 10 Pac-Guy adventures.

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