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Game Pack Games

Astral Arcade $8.00
Free S&H
  Play through 18 complete games on this collection of every downloadable free game on this website! Also contains 3 demos of never-completed games.  

Pac Pack 10 Complete Games $8.00
Free S&H
  Explore ten exciting games of fast arcade, maze action! Enter the world of Pac-Guy as he battles every type of nasty from laser guns to pirates.  

Feature Titles

Pacula's Curse $9.95
  It's Pac-Guy's greatest adventure yet as he returns to his home planet to find it ruled by his arch-nemesis! Dodge Vampacmires and other undead in over 30 new levels.  

Pea-Guy: Veangeance or Bust $14.00
  Enter the world of Pea-Guy, a small green "Peatorian" whose Uncle Patches has been kidnapped. Explore three all-new games and 40 levels of simple puzzle action!  

Pea-Guy: A-Sock-Ellipse Now! $22.00
  Pea-Guy, The Mortuator and friends take on new nasty lords in these contest-winning Pea-Guy adventures. Everything from a tactical RPG to 3D shooting action!  

Criterion Collections

Brian Quarfoth's Pac-Guy Criterion $14.95
Save $3.00
  This 2 CD set contains the complete adventures of Pac-Guy. Travel through over 100 levels of action in Pac Pack and Pacula's Curse. Discover the storyline of Pac-Guy!  

The Pea-Guy Criterion $33.00
Save $3.00
  Pea-Guy has had some wacky adventures in his day and now you can own them all. This 2 CD set contains Vengeance or Bust and A-Sock-Ellipse Now!  

The Ultimate Criterion $53.95
Save $8.00
  Buy every game on this website and save big! This collection contains Pac Pack, Pacula's Curse, Vengeance or Bust and A-Sock-Ellipse Now! plus get Astral Arcade for free!  

Other Services

Gift Wrapping $2.00
Per Item
  Get your game gift-wrapped as a present! Please place 1 "Gift Wrapping" in your shopping cart per item you want wrapped. "Criterions" will be wrapped together unless you specify otherwise (contact us).  

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Vengeance or Bust
A-Sock-Ellipse Now!

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