01/21/03 - The new design for the Astral Entertainment website is online! Please take a look around the new format. The Pea-Guy store Pea-Gear has been updated, as well as the webpage for the game A-Sock-Ellipse Now! to include a list of finalists working in the contest to make the next Pea-Guy game.

08/27/02 - The website has been updated! This is, actually, a temporary update before a larger, more comprehensive update that will be made in a month or two. The main new features you will find are Pea-Gear, a store powered by the magic of CafePress where fans of Pac Pack, Pacula's Curse and Vengeance or Bust can finally purchase Pea-Guy T-Shirts and other accessories. Check it out! The shareware and full versions of Vengeance or Bust have now been updated to be 100% compatible with Windows XP, as well as all previous Windows versions down to Windows 95. You should ensure your Windows is up to date by running "Windows Update" from Internet Explorer. Pea-Guy is now the correct green color in all versions of Vengeance or Bust that you can download here, and in all copies of Vengeance or Bust that will be sold. Also related to Vengeance or Bust, the shareware version has been updated to include one more level in "The Escape from Castle Ernie" and three different matches in "Arena". This is well worth checking out if you do not own the full version yet. The Pac Pack has also been updated to work better with Windows XP, and also to include the updated versions of Pac-Guy 2. This update will be in all new copies of Pac Pack sold.

07/25/02 - The games Pac-Guy 2 and Pac-Guy 2, Part 2:Pagoon have been updated to "Collector's Editions", available here for free. These updates add high score tables and speed modes (similar to The Escape from Castle Ernie), and if the previous version of Pagoon had problems with crashing on your computer, this edition will fix that problem. These "Collector's Editions" should be in copies of Pac Pack being sold here by September. For now Pac Pack will have the regular edition, but the "Collector's Editions" are downloadable (in full) for free, anyway. If you use Windows XP, Windows NT or Windows 2000, and have had problems with Vengeance or Bust or Pacula's Curse, please visit the help forums for these games. A version of Vengeance or Bust (but not Pacula's Curse) fully compatible with Windows XP should also be released in September, however if you follow the guidelines in the Help Forums you should be able to play the current version without any problems. If you have any other problems, please post them on these forums. A message has been sent to the A-Sock-Ellipse Now! mailing list, so if you didn't get it you're not on the mailing list (and should e-mail sock@userfriendlygaming.com if you want to be). Several links to contestants' entries are now on the A-Sock-Ellipse Now! main page.

07/08/02 - The webpage for A-Sock-Ellipse Now! has been updated and will soon include links to screenshots/information/wallpapers that people taking part in the A-Sock-Ellipse Now! Programming Contest choose to release. The first link is to Pea-Guy: The Magic Land.

05/31/02 - The pages for Pacula's Curse, Vengeance or Bust and A-Sock-Ellipse Now! have been updated. The A-Sock-Ellipse Now! page features a programming contest where you can win a prize for creating a game with Pea-Guy in it. It's worth checking out if you've programmed games before and as there are two levels of prize and multiple winners for each, it might be well worth your time.

04/01/02 - Four old freeware games have been updated with several improvements, Demolition Derby, Fruit Picker '99 and Brian vs. the Aliens (2 Editions). These will probably be the last updates of old freeware games, barring bugs or other problems. Because we can no longer keep up with where download websites put our files, most downloads on this website will now link directly to WinSite, because they list most of our files. This shouldn't be an inconvenience because you only have to go through one page on their website to get to the download you want, the same as you had to when we listed all downloads ourselves. Finally, for your amusement, we have added a section to the website called Old Stuff, which contains removed and uncompleted games. Check it out!

11/20/01 - If you visited this site on 11/19/01 and an "adult" web page appeared our sincerest apologies. This was the result of piracy and was not our fault, I repeat, it was not our fault so please don't send angry e-mail. Instead send your angry e-mail to the proprietors of WebCanny.Com who spontaneously asked us to change our domain servers and then told us they were deleting our account. We maintain that this is a website SAFE FOR CHILDREN and we intend to keep it that way!

06/30/01 - We have several new releases in freeware for you this month. Red Tank, Blue Tank is a new freeware game that is very customizable and involves tank combat. The freeware games Big Bug and Space Battles have also been updated, and their updates are available to download here. Have you ordered your copy of Vengeance or Bust yet? Sales of it support our freeware efforts.

03/23/01 - Vengeance or Bust, the new arcade/puzzle game featuring Pea-Guy, is here! Visit its website at www.AstralEnt.com/VorB to download the shareware versions of it, or order the full version. Also, this website has moved to new servers, so hopefully it will remain on-line now without too many problems or any downtime.

02/14/01 - We are finally able to bring the website back on-line after a week of problems with our server. We are in the process of moving to a new server, and are attempting to recover any e-mail sent to userfriendlygaming.com while we were down. A notification will be placed on this website when we are able to receive e-mail again without problems, but until then any messages you send or have sent may be lost. This does not apply to orders, so you can still order Pac Pack or Pacula's Curse without problems. We have finished Vengeance or Bust but these problems with the website have delayed its release, which should occur as soon as we have switched to a new server. Also, a note to international users; if you want to order Pac Pack or Pacula's Curse online, you must register at PAYPAL.COM first! Then go to the order form, but rather than filling it in, log in with your PAYPAL account! This will allow you to order it on-line from a country other than the USA. It's not that hard!

01/08/01 - Download locations for all games have been updated. The website for Pac Pack has been updated and it is now available again for ordering. Information on the upcoming game Vengeance or Bust has also been updated, with a e-mail list added so that you can be notified as soon as this game is available. Also, international orders for Pacula's Curse are now possible on-line with a credit card.

08/31/00 - Pacula's Curse, the sequel to the Pac Pack CD-ROM and the series of Pac-Guy games ending with Pac-Guy 2 Part 2 Pagoon, is here, available to both download and buy! Pacula's Curse is an excellent arcade-style maze game. To download, purchase or get more information on Pacula's Curse, Visit its website!! Also, Klik & Freedom has been removed because it had too many bugs, and not enough people were interested to justify our fixing it. If you still want it, then please get it at WinSite.

07/14/00 - A new freeware game has been added, Happy the Coin Collecting Penguin, which is worth checking out. Also, the sequel to the Pac Pack, Pacula's Curse, will be released soon. For information on how you can be informed the moment it becomes available to download (shareware) and buy (full), visit its website here. Four old games, Frank Cook:2042 Private Detective, Fruit Picker '98, Redemptor and Two Tail have been updated with many improvements, especially in Two Tail and Redemptor. If you have old versions of these games we think that you'll enjoy the updates, and if you don't have the old versions of these games then these are four popular freeware games that you can download! Also a Freeware Applications section has been added to this website, containing Astral Entertainment's new freeware program Klik & Freedom.

03/30/00 - We must apologize for the lack of new freeware on this website lately, this is because two freeware games that were expected in January have been pushed back so that Pac-Guy 2, Part 3:Pacula's Curse can be completed on schedule. It's impossible to say when the two freeware titles in the works will be released. On a positive note, Pac-Guy 2, Part 3:Pacula's Curse is progressing and due to popular demand a slideshow preview has been posted on its website here. That website may be updated more than this main page, so you should watch it regularly for updates.

11/29/99 - A new update of the Pac Pack has been released containing four new games and 25 more levels! Users who already have the Pac Pack can download two new Pac Pack Add-Ons, Pac-Guy 2:The Lost Levels and Pac-Guy Scrambler. Also related to Pac-Guy, Pac-Guy 2, Part 3:Pacula's Curse is coming on a new CD with two other completely original Pac-Guy games, and many more Pac related things! Release date is the summer of 2000! Also look for more original freeware games this coming January.

07/20/99 - Two new freeware downloads have been added to this site. Salameanderer is a fun new PitFall-like game in which you are a salamander, and the full version of Fruit Picker '99 has been made freeware in anticipation of the release of "The Space Empires Collection", a new Astral Entertainment CD-ROM, coming soon. Software distributors who are interested in "The Space Empires Collection" can now go to the Distributor's Information Page.

06/25/99 - New download locations have been added for four Astral Entertainment games. Alien Hunt, Annihilator and Fruit Picker '99's shareware version each have one new download location, and Pac-Guy:Christmas Edition has three new download locations. However the "Astral Entertainment" download locations for Alien Hunt, Annihilator and Fruit Picker '99's shareware version have been removed. In general any "Astral Entertainment" download locations are temporary until FTP and download sites pick up the files.

06/2/99 - The new Astral Entertainment website is finally online! This website has been updated so that it takes less time to load, and so that it's easier to use. Also screen shots have been added, as well as four new games that you can get here for free! See the "How To Use" section for information on how to use the new website, and the "New Games" section for direct links to the new games.

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