Welcome to the official website for Astral Entertainment. We are a company that makes computer games for windows-based systems. Most of our games have "Shareware Versions" that can be downloaded for free. If you enjoy the shareware version, please purchase the full version, which costs only between $8.00 and $16.00. Click on the button for the game below to visit its website. Some older, smaller games are free, and can be found in the section "Free Games" below. Stuff that never quite made it to a full game can be found in the "Old Stuff" section. Finally, click on "Store" to purchase shirts and other products. All of the games sold on this website are guaranteed to be family friendly and are suitable for adults and children of all ages.

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03/06/03 - The news pages for the games Pacula's Curse, Vengeance or Bust and A-Sock-Ellipse Now! have been updated. Also (as you have undoubtedly noticed) a description has been added to the top of this webpage so that you know just the heck what kind of website you're visiting! :-)

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