User License Agreement (Free Games)

By downloading or having previously downloaded any game which is downloadable in its entirety, without charge, from the website AstralEnt.com or one of its sub-pages (i.e. any game which does not include a full version that can be purchased), you agree to or have agreed to the following:

  1. You will maintain the game's freeware status by not charging money for people to acquire it. (See 5. for media other than the internet.)
  2. You will recognize that most of the game is original and so you will not use any part of it in your own programs without the permission of its creators.
  3. You will not modify the game without the permission of its creators.
  4. If you are a freeware or shareware site you may list the game without notifying us, so long as you make no modifications to the game.
  5. You may not include the game on any non-internet media, including but not limited to disks and CD-ROMs, without also including a shareware program (i.e. a program which has a registered version that can be purchased) that has also been authored by Astral Entertainment. For a list of all such programs please go to AstralEnt.com. NO PROGRAM ALSO COVERED BY THIS AGREEMENT MAY COUNT AS SHAREWARE.
  6. In the case of the games "Pac-Guy", "Pac-Guy:Resurrection", "Pac-Guy:Atomic Edition", "Pac-Guy:Christmas Edition", "Pac-Guy 2" and "Pac-Guy 2, Part 2:Pagoon" you are prohibited from including them on any non-internet media without the expressed, written consent of Astral Entertainment.
  7. You understand that by downloading the game you have agreed to the above rules.

Astral Entertainment is a registered trademark ™ of Astral Entertainment Inc. All downloads, original artwork, and HTML are copyright © Astral Entertainment Inc. 1996-2003. All rights reserved.

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