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System Requirements:PC Compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME and 8 MB RAM (32 MB RAM for The Escape from Castle Ernie)

The shareware version of Vengeance or Bust is intended to let you "try before you buy". For free, you can get 12 levels of Vengeance or Bust, which means 5 levels from Ultimeneinasenshun, 4 matches in Arena, and 3 levels from The Escape From Castle Ernie. They can either be downloaded all at one time as one big file (6.46 MB) or you can download each of the three games separately.

Complete Download:
Vengeance or Bust Shareware, 6.46 MB
Partial Downloads:
Pea-Guy:Ultimeneinasenshun, 2.00 MB
Pea-Guy:Arena, 2.00 MB
Pea-Guy Part 2:The Escape from Castle Ernie, 4.03 MB

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