08/31/03 - WE NEED YOUR HELP! Unless we start seriously selling games in the Pea-Guy series or start to see serious interest from fans then the Pac-Guy/Pea-Guy series WILL END with either A-Sock-Ellipse Now! or at most, one more game resulting from a contest. If we see no interest then the independant Pea-Guy movie in production, The Rise of Kan might not be finished and, even if it is finished, might never be offered publicly for sale. It will probably also be THE ONLY Pea-Guy movie ever made if this happens. We have plenty of plans for future Pea-Guy games and movies, but unless enough people care about the current ones, we see no reason to continue.

Because of this we are offering a call to action! If you have ever been a fan of Pac-Guy, a fan of Pea-Guy, or just have enjoyed the games in this series, then now is the time to act! Go to, and tell your friends to go to www.userfriendlygaming.com/promotion.php today! Here find information on how you can help the series and, not only might you help it continue, you might also be rewarded! Get us in contact with a publisher and we'll reward you with free merchandise! Buy an item from The Rise of Kan Store and Brian Quarfoth promises to reward you with your picture on the DVD!

Also, if you are a fan of this series, get up and start posting at the forum! The new Pea-Guy forum is the perfect place to discuss the series, and the perfect place to bother us about it too!

07/31/03 - A-Sock-Ellipse Now! the sequel to Vengeance or Bust has been released!

03/06/03 - Want to see a cool Pea-Guy fanpage? Check out PG World for all of your Pea-Guy needs. (Um, except for A-Sock-Ellipse Now!, that'll be here.)

01/21/03 - The new design for the Astral Entertainment website is online! Please take a look around the new format. The Pea-Guy store Pea-Gear has been updated.

08/27/02 - A larger, more comprehensive update that will be made in a month or two. Pea-Gear is a store powered by the magic of CafePress where fans of Pac Pack, Pacula's Curse and Vengeance or Bust can finally purchase Pea-Guy T-Shirts and other accessories. Check it out! The shareware and full versions of Vengeance or Bust have now been updated to be 100% compatible with Windows XP, as well as all previous Windows versions down to Windows 95. You should ensure your Windows is up to date by running "Windows Update" from Internet Explorer. Pea-Guy is now the correct green color in all versions of Vengeance or Bust that you can download here, and in all copies of Vengeance or Bust that will be sold. Also related to Vengeance or Bust, the shareware version has been updated to include one more level in "The Escape from Castle Ernie" and three different matches in "Arena". This is well worth checking out if you do not own the full version yet.

05/31/02 - The help forum is back up! Please post any questions or problems you have with Vengeance or Bust on this forum instead of sending us an e-mail.

04/01/02 - The help forum is down! Please send an e-mail to support@userfriendlygaming.com if you have any problems.

11/20/01 - If you visited this site on 11/19/01 and an "adult" web page appeared our sincerest apologies. This was the result of piracy and was not our fault, I repeat, it was not our fault so please don't send angry e-mail. Instead send your angry e-mail to the proprietors of WebCanny.Com who spontaneously asked us to change our domain servers and then told us they were deleting our account. We maintain that this is a website SAFE FOR CHILDREN and we intend to keep it that way!

3/23/01 - Vengeance or Bust is here! You can now either download the shareware versions of the games in Vengeance or Bust, or you can order the full version. The complete shareware is 6.46 MB to download (less for individual games), and the full version only costs $14.00 US. We apologize if you attempted to sign up for the mailing list for this game and were not notified when it arrived, we were having problems with our servers.

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