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Welcome to the website for Astral Entertainment's game, Vengeance or Bust. Vengeance or Bust is three games in one, and follows the adventures of a round, green Peatorian in his quest to free his Uncle Patches and defeat his arch-nemesis Kan. These games combine simple puzzles with arcade action and can be played by one or two people on the same computer. Vengeance or Bust is suitable for both adults and children of all ages.

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Vengeance or Bust is three games in one!

In the first game, Pea-Guy 3:Ultimeneinasenshun, follow the story of Pea-Guy, a round green 'Peatorian', whose Uncle Patches has been kidnapped. In this game Pea-Guy must face a powerful Nasty Lord with a long unpronounceable name and many henchmen. Pea-Guy is helped by seven other characters who have also been trapped by the Nasty Lord. This game features sixteen levels, each of which is a combination of nasty-dodging arcade action and solving simple puzzles. It also has humorous cinemas and speeches, both between and during the levels, that make fun of a variety of things. This game allows for one or two players on the same computer.

In Pea-Guy 3:Arena, the second game, you get to control the eight characters from the previous game in sixteen separate matches that you can play. This game is played in a tournament-style fashion with the players competing until they have each reached a certain number of wins. Some of these matches involve thinking and solving puzzles, while most involve fighting your opponent with a variety of power-ups. Several are races against your opponent or time. This game allows for zero, one or two players on the same computer.

The third game, Pea-Guy 3, Part 2:The Escape from Castle Ernie, features high-resolution 3D graphics and much larger levels than before, plus four different weapons for your character. In it one of eight possible characters, from the previous games in Vengeance or Bust, tries to sneak around behind the next Nasty Lord and defeat him without having to complete all of the levels in his castle. The plan backfires when the Nasty Lord locks the back door and the character has to complete all of the levels, backwards. This game has eight levels, each of which is a series of buttons that need to be pushed, while Nasties and other hazards try to prevent this goal.

Vengeance or Bust is suitable for both adults and children of all ages. Press ESC if you want to skip the cinema sequences and get straight to the action.

System Requirements: PC Compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP and 8 MB RAM (32 MB RAM for The Escape from Castle Ernie)

Benefits of the full version:

  • Forty levels (that's 28 more than shareware)! This includes 11 more levels against three bosses in Ultimeneinasenshun, 12 more playable matches in Arena, and five more giant levels in The Escape From Castle Ernie.
  • Full speech! This means that anywhere there is text for a character talking, you also get to hear their voice.
  • Eight characters to play (that's 5 more than shareware)! The irritating Father and Road Cone, little Leah Silverberg, Rusty the robot plus the mysterious Mortuator.
  • Two-player versus mode in Ultimeneinasenshun! Play the various levels of this game against your friends, trying to blast them before they blast you.
  • The full introductions in Arena and The Escape from Castle Ernie! Plus many other new cinema sequences.
  • Two more speed modes in The Escape from Castle Ernie, Slow and Wombat! Face the new challenge of enemies attacking at Wombat speed.
  • Mp3 music tracks for Ultimeneinasenshun! Including 2, count-em, 2 musical numbers.
  • More power-ups, new nasties and bosses, 100-megaton guns and too many other things to list here!
The full version of Vengeance or Bust is only $14.00 + shipping & handling, and includes all three games for this one low price.


07/31/03 - A-Sock-Ellipse Now! the sequel to Vengeance or Bust has been released!

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