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Welcome to the website for Astral Entertainment's new game, Pacula's Curse. Pacula's Curse is the sequel to the Pac-Guy series of games from the internet, and the Pac Pack CD-ROM from stores. It combines the best elements of its predecessors with many new elements, and the result is an incredibly fun game. This website has a shareware version you can download for free, an online order form to order the full version and screenshots.

Legal Information
This game has been rated E by the ESRB

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Game Description:
Two years ago our hero, Pac-Guy, was captured by his arch nemesis Kan and trapped on the distant planet of Pagoon, while Kan proceeded to take over Pac-Guy's home planet. Pac-Guy was able to fight his way back, but since his return he has discovered that Kan now rules his former home and has given power to a being known as Pacula. If you are not already familiar with the Pac-Guy series of games then this game combines classic arcade gameplay with a hilarious storyline that satirizes everything from movies to other video games! At times the game plays like an arcade maze-game, but at other times it plays like an interactive cartoon!

System Requirements: PC Compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and 16 MB RAM

Benefits of the full version:

"Pacula's Curse is the official sequel to Pac Pack, with the storyline picking up where Pac-Guy 2 Part 2:Pagoon left off. Pac-Guy finally returns to his home planet to find it razed and conquered by his arch-nemesis Kan! Now Pac-Guy must fight for his planet's freedom in this truly epic adventure."

With over 30 completely original levels featuring scores of nasties, traps, puzzles and collectibles, this is a game that has some serious content. Add this to nice graphics, tons of music (some of which is in high quality Mp3 tracks) and hundreds of sound effects, and you have a great game. Now add a goofy storyline, and full speech so that you can hear every character's silly voice, and you have, Pacula's Curse.

At only $9.95 (plus shipping & handling) this game is very cheap and well worth it, considering how much more you get than in shareware.


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